Charcha 2016

The More Variety, The Better Society


To make Sarvodaya Enclave a safe, secure, clean, green and friendly colony with the active participation of all residents.

Our Commitment: Transparency and Inclusiveness
We shall ensure complete transparency and inclusiveness by

  1. Posting online and making available the Bye-laws, Minutes of Meetings, account and expenses of the RWA on a regular basis.
  2. Conducting regular Management Committee meeting with special invitees/lane representatives from each block to give their inputs.
  3. Will hold General Body meeting regularly - both with audio video recording/transcription of the proceeding.
  4. Creating dedicated committees with both RWA office bearers and non office bearers for dealing with specific problems and matters concerning the colony.
  5. Forming and Advisory Board of Senior Citizens for guidance.
  6. Taking out a newsletter/magazine to inform residents of the affairs of the colony.

People of Sarvodaya Enclave in Delhi celebrate Eco-Friendly Dusshera

Aims & Objectives

To address the issues facing by the colony, we intend to tackle the following on a priority basis

  1. To provide access control (boom barriers, CCTV and uniform guards with walkie talkies) at every entry/exist point into/from the colony.
  2. Attend to security access to the colony from the Adchini and Begumpur in accordance with applicable law.
  3. To centralize police vertifications of all domestic helpers, drives and vendors.

Traffic & Parking
  1. To get manned boom barriers installed at the junction of Aurobindo Marg and Begumpur Road as well at the start of Begumpur (before Clara House)- for operation between 10 PM to 5 AM in the morning
  2. To remove encroachments and create space for better traffic movement & parking.
  3. To regulate the movement and parking of non residents/visitors/unauthorised vehicles on the colony roads.

Cleanliness & Waste Management
  1. To ensure regular and proper cleanliness and maintenance of the colony.
  2. To initiate recycling of waste and composting.
  3. To ensure that all common garbage bins are covered and free of flies.

Health. Fitness & Entertainment
  1. To organize community blood banking so that residents of the colony are able to get blood when needed e.g., in case of dengue, surgeries, etc.
  2. Arrange fumigation for checking the spread of seasonal illnesses such as dengue and arrange timely preventive interventions
  3. To organize health / medical and yoga / fitness exercise camps / activities and self help groups for common problems.
  4. To explore the possibility of obtaining group insurance for domestic helpers & drivers of the Colony residents.
  5. To organize befitting celebrations for all major festivals and national holidays.
  6. To improve the market / shopping area and make it worthy of our colony.
Services & Other Community Development Initiatives
  1. To set up a Helpdesk / Emergency Call Number particularly for the older residents in need of assistance.
  2. To engage electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, dhobhis etc and make them accessible at reasonable cost to all residents.
  3. To explore the possibility of using solar energy / panels / modules to light up the common areas of the colony.
  4. To arrange for sterilization of stray dogs.

Our Bank Details

Beneficiary Name :
Sarvodaya Enclave Residents Welfare Association
Bank Name :
Punjab National Bank
Branch Name :
Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi-110017
Account No. :